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Wireless Internet Service

Dougherty County Public Library is pleased to offer wireless internet access to patrons wireless-enabled devices.


What do I need to access the library's WiFI?

Any patron with a laptop or other wireless device can access DCPL's wireless service. Access is free; however, DCPL cannot guarantee your device will work with our wireless network. DCPL uses the wireless network standard (also known as IEEE 802.11b).

How do I log onto the library's WiFi network?

Most patrons wireless devices should automatically recognize the library's network. The name of the library's network is ________. No password is needed for access.

What are the rules for using WiFi?

Wifi users must comply to the same policies as other computer users in the library.

Can I print?At this time, wireless users cannot print directly from their laptop or other device. If you need to print, save your work to a USB drive or floppy disk and take it to the lab for printing.

Is the information on my wireless device safe while I am connected?Information on wireless networks is not secure. Use caution when transmitting information over our wireless network.

What branches offer Wifi?

All of DCPL's branches offer Wifi access. All floor of Central have wireless access.