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Food and Drink Guide

Culinary Web Sites

American Culinary Federation

“The American Culinary Federation, Inc, (ACF) is the premier professional chefs' organization in North America, with more than 230 chapters nationwide and 19,000 members. ACF offers culinarians of all ages, skills levels and specialties, the opportunity to further their career, as well as enhance their life."


This shopping site has everything the home chef needs.


The self-anointed site “for people who like to eat,” Epicurious.com has recipes and articles for every palette.

The Food Network

Recipes, party ideas, and information on the Food Network’s many programs abound on this jam-packed Web site. Users can search the extensive recipe database for recipes from their favorite chef or do a search on “basic knife skills.”

Food Safety

Government Web site with everything you need to know about the latest and food recalls and safe food preparation.

Local Resources

Albany Tech Culinary Program

Albany Tech offers certification in the following areas of the culinary arts: Culinary Arts, Culinary Nutrition Assistant, Culinary Nutrition Manager.

Reference Materials

  • The Oxford Companion to Wine: R 641.22 ROBINSON, JANIS
  • The Book of Food: R 641.220 BISSELL
  • The New World Guide to Beer: R 641.23 JACKSON
  • Larousse Gastronomique: R 641.3003 LAROUSSE
  • Cambridge World History of Food: R 641.309 CAMBRIDGE
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America: R 641.5
  • Helpful Call Numbers

  • Bed and breakfasts: 647.94
  • Consumer information: 640.73
  • Cookbooks: 641.5
  • Fruit trees: 634
  • Home economics: 640
  • Kitchen remodeling: 643.3
  • Toasts: 808.5
  • Vegetable gardening: 635
  • Wine: 641.22
  • Wine making: 663.2