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Who can get a card?

  • All Georgia residents
  • Those attending school in Georgia
  • Georgia property owners. (Must show proof of ownership)
  • A parent or guardian with proper identification must register children under 18.
  • Out-of-state cards are available for a fee.
  • What do I need to get a card?

    Proof of resident is required to obtain a PINES card

  • Photo id showing current address OR
  • Photo id and one item from list below OR
  • Two items from approved list
  • Acceptable identification:

    Valid driver's license, valid voter registration card, checks with print address, a utility bill, a tax receipt, or other piece of mail showing current address.

    Material Loan Period Fines
    Books 14 Days $.10/day
    Audiotapes 14 Days $.10/day
    Videos 14 Days $.50/day
    DVDs 14 Days $.50/day



    Materials may be returned to any participating PINES library. Book drops are located outside all Dougherty County Public Library locations. Additional book drops are located at Darton College, Albany State University, Radium Springs, the Chevron Station at Magnolia and Gillionville, Woodalls at Westover and Westgate, Third Avenue and Slappey Boulevard, and Food Max on North Slappey.