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Right of appeal

An Internet user whose access session has been terminated or whose Internet access has been suspended or prohibited shall have the right to appeal and/or request that Internet access privileges be reinstated. An appeal must be in writing and submitted to the Dougherty County Public Library System Director within five days of the termination or prohibition. Within ten days of receipt of the appeal, the Library System Director shall review the matter and notify the patron in writing of his/her decision. If the Library System Director’s decision is adverse to the patron, the patron may appeal in writing within five days to the Dougherty County Public Library System Board of Trustees, which shall thereafter consider the matter at its next regularly scheduled meeting, and issue its decision in writing within 30 days following that meeting. No further appeals shall be considered. Temporary or permanent denial of Internet privileges at any Dougherty County Public Library location will be effective at all Dougherty County Public Library facilities.