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Library Mission

To select, assemble and administer organized collections of educational and recreational library materials, making them available and accessible to every individual in the community.

To serve the community as a center of reliable information and a place where inquiring minds may encounter original, unorthodox, or critical ideas in our society—one which is based on freedom of the individual and free competition of ideas.

To provide opportunities and encouragement for individuals to continue their educations. To supplement and help formal education programs.

To seek, continually, to identify community needs; to provide programs of service to meet such needs. To support civic groups, cultural activities, or cooperate with other agencies as they work for community good.

To maintain and disseminate public information encouraging to individuals to better use the libraries as well as to contribute to the field of professional librarianship.

To enhance interest and research in local history.

To provide opportunity for substantive recreational and constructive use of leisure time through the use of literature, music, films, and other forms.